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guess car

guess car
guess car

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  1. ...:

    Запорожец GTR!)

  2. stassjan:

    ford indigo…. takoi v starom dobrom nfs2 bil

  3. Gero:

    Ford — GT90 Concept (1995)

  4. Slava:

    Ford GT90?концепт,720 лошодей,12 цилиндрев,4 турбо-нагнетателя.
    The Ford GT90 was a concept car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. It was unveiled in January 1995 at the Detroit Auto Show as «the world’s mightiest supercar». Claimed performance included a top speed 250 mph (402 km/h) from a 720 hp (537 kW) quad-turbocharged V12 engine, the exhaust of which was claimed to be hot enough to damage the body panels, requiring ceramic tiles similar to those on the space shuttle to prevent this.

  5. mko:

    ford gt 90 1990

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